Kiev Hotels

Kiev HotelsBeing an administrative, scientific, cultural, educational and industrial center of Ukraine and one of the biggest cities in Europe, Kiev attracts lots of tourists. The popularity of Kiev as top destination place in Europe is growing. For instance, it won the third place in Top Ten Countries 2012, Europe’s Most Exciting Destination. When you will travel to Kiev, you will need a place to stay.
Most recommended hotels in Kiev:
DNIPRO HOTEL is situated in the center of Kiev in immediate proximity to famous sights and attractions. The hotel offers the high standards of accommodation and services. Dnipro Hotel is a part of Business Council World Tourism Organization.

BAKKARA ART-HOTEL  is located at Dnepr River embankment close to the center of the city and its main attractions. The hotel belongs to the chain of Accord Hotels Group and offers irreproachable service, home care and cozy accommodation.

LYBID HOTEL is a nice hotel on Peremohy Square in the heart of Kiev. The last total reconstruction of the hotel was in 2002 and now its guests are offered modern technologies and high class services. Central Railway Station is operating in the close proximity to the hotel.

TOURIST HOTEL is the largest hotel of Kiev. It is located on the Dnepr River in a very picturesque area. The hotel is nearby the city’s best beaches and parks.

PRESIDENT KIEVSKIY HOTEL is situated in the center of Kiev nearby Khreschytik – the main street in the city. The hotel offers modern accommodation, facilities and service. 338 of rooms are available.

HYATT REGENCY HOTEL represents a five-star hotel located in the heart of the capital city at Podol district – a remarkable historical area in Ukraine. Rooms of different class and categories with comfortable furniture and necessary equipment are at your disposal.

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