Best Kiev Restaurants

Best Kiev RestaurantsUkraine is known for its friendly people, their hospitality and great food. Below you will find the list of the best Kiev hotels where you would be able to enjoy your leisure time in great settings, nice atmosphere and excellent meals.

Restaurant Marrakesh is located on Podil – a historical part of the city. The cuisine served here is Maghreb and European. Lounge music DJ-sets, saxophone, flute and regal show and male belly dance are included in entertainment program of Marrakesh Restaurant.

Shushi Bar "Seven Samurais" offers a diverse menu of sushi, rolls, sashimi, salads and hot dishes. Seafood and fish dishes are of supreme quality. Extraordinary Japanese fruit wine and traditional sake are served here. Some innovative author’s dishes are served in "Seven Samurais": "Akai-sensei", "Dancing Eel "and" California Kani".

The Wall is a restaurant that combines colorful historical background and stylish interior with excellent cuisine and relaxing atmosphere. This place is located on the ground floor of Bessarabian market – one of the most popular places in Kiev.

Cafe Belle-Vue offers excellent Belgian beer. The design of the place recollects of Belgian 50s: dark furniture, wooden floors with painted tiles, old iron, expansive enamel, leather aprons serve a great tribute to the Belgian beer. Brown tones and soft light creates a calming and relaxing atmosphere for a nice conversation.
Beck's BeerLoft works great after a long shopping day where you can enjoy a glass of cold Belgian beer, delicious sausages, toast with herring, spaghetti, sushi and top this up with sweet deserts.

Proletarian pub U Stanka represents a restaurant in a Soviet style. If you want to feel back to the USSR this place is for you.

Partizan is a ‘must visit’ place for those, who enjoy barbecue and excellent beer. Here you will find a wide range of pleasures that can last all day land even longer.

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